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Ireland still calling for access to treatments for opioid addiction

A story published today in the Irish Times  calls for the funding of an alternative treatment for opioid addiction.

 Dr Ide Delargy ICGP

Dr Ide Delargy ICGP

Unlike in the UK the only treatment widely available in Ireland is Methadone there is very limited access to Suboxone even though the Governments Expert group recommended access to this drug in a report published way back in 2011.

Today, Dr Ide Delargy, from the Irish College of General Practitioners and a member of the HSE’s implementation group for the drug, said it was time the country moved on from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to opioid addiction. “I don’t think people would accept a situation in, say, heart disease that just one drugs is available,” say Dr Delargy. This report specifically recommends this medication be made available to “patients who are being treated for codeine and other pharmaceutical opioid dependencies” and yet this is not widely available to patients in the Ireland as it is in the UK.

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