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New report into Painkiller Dependency in the UK

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APPG PMDThe All Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependance  have published their first report into the painkiller dependancy called ‘Opioid painkiller dependency (OPD) – An Overview’.  PAIN welcomes the acknowledgement of our organisation as the only UK organisations dedicated to raising awareness and supporting those addicted to painkillers and we are also a member of the Opiate Painkiller Dependency Alliance.

The conclusions from the report confirm that by every indicator, the use of prescription and OTC painkillers is on the increase. This is accompanied by rising mortality. The report highlights the concern with an ageing population where prescribing for pain is likely to increase further. Evidence they reviewed suggests that the cohort of those experiencing OPD is very different from the cohort traditionally using drug treatment. The APPG calls for new services to be developed to cater for OPD patients needs and these services should be established within GP surgeries.

Click on the report image to be taken directly to the full report. 

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